A passport valid for at least six months from the time one is expected to leave Russia will be required to enter there and other countries. Make sure to check your passport at time of booking with us.

Most Expedition members will need appropriate visa to enter territory of the Republic of Turkey (details on or Russian Federation (details on and Islamic Republic of IRAN (details on We will help with obtaining visas to Iran and Russia, as we are in working contact with appropriate visa agencies in these countries.

At this stage we see some restrains on travel within Iran for the holders of USA, UK and Canada passports. We working on clarifying them.




It is important to let you know that we are not certified climbing guides; however we have many years of climbing experience and will facilitate memorable climbing adventure trip. It is good if you are an experienced and self-reliant climber yourself.

Participation in The Expedition will require appropriate insurance covering the sports of rock climbing and mountaineering. Ordinary travel insurance will not be sufficient!
Appropriate insurance may be purchased from Austrian Oesterreichischer Alpenverein or from BMC. Make sure to check what is really offered by these organisations and maybe back up with additional travel insurance if you prefer a great peace of mind.


CLIMBING and other personal EQUIPMENT


You shall come with your own climbing equipment. If you prefer trad climbing take appropriate rack; if you prefer sport climbing you will have less equipment to bring.

Our truck (EMMA) is equipped with some safety equipment, other bits and pieces, etc.

Make sure you’ll take your own sleeping bags, tents, sleeping mattresses and the likes.




The luxury of a good sleep during the expedition will be offered generally inside the truck or in your own tent, at camping sites, beaches, free camps in the wilderness, in deserts or in the mountains. We will be completely self sufficient when in the wild.

We will also spend nights at the established camp-sites with showers, bars and/or restaurants. In cities we may stay in budget hotels and hostels.




The style of the expedition means that everybody will get involve in the feeding ourselves process. Generally, in teams of two on a rota system we will be buying supplies, prepare food, do cooking and cleaning after for the all expedition members on board. Any help by other expedition members to help with cooking and cleaning duties will be always expected.

Daily budget of €8.00 from the contributed to the expedition expenses pool of money for three meals per day per person is proposed. The necessary equipment for food storage, preparation and cooking, crockery and cutlery, tables and chairs shall be part of equipment on the truck.




Other than rock climbing on millions of sport or trad routes, there will be plenty of other things/sports possible to enjoy; fishing comes first to mind, horse riding, paragliding, ballooning, mountain biking, wine tasting, etc. Trekking will also be a theme of the day. And the mountaineering of course!




We will enjoy nice spring and summer weather in all the areas we are going to. Rains in some parts will however be just a natural inconvenience. As in any mountains when in the mountains we can expect unexpected weather.

Sun screens and ordinary hats however are expected to be in daily use on the most of the expedition days.




There will be some nuisances coming from the nature: mosquitoes and ticks. Most advanced WMD against mosquitoes will be warranted on the expedition. Vaccination against illnesses resulting from tick-bites will be compulsory.


COST of PARTICIPATION (per person)


We believe that a daily cost of the going of expedition will be €28.00 per person  and we will expect such contribution from participants for the running of the expedition.


– seat and all travel on the truck
– accommodation fees (hostels or camping fees and truck fees at camping grounds) up to €10 a week*,
– food, three meals a day
– all road tolls and taxes
– nature parks (where we can climb in such park) entrance fees


– insurance fees
– costs of flights, ferries
– drinks (water will be obviously free on the truck)

– accommodation fees above the limit of up to €10 a week* for the hostels or camping fees and truck fees at camping grounds

* €10 a week fee will not accumulate for consecutive weeks; and a week is calculated from Monday till Sunday.




To secure your place a non-refundable deposit of 10% and signed booking form is required. The balance is to be paid on arrival at the truck. Cash only!




We want you to embrace Climb Globally expedition and make it the most fulfilling “bucket list” adventure you ever did in your life. This adventure is for the free spirited ones. People’s willingness to participate and work as a team is the most important attribute for expedition.

There is no fixed itinerary; unusual circumstances like road conditions, vehicle problems, climate extremes, can cause delays and necessitate a change of plans.

The route planned is like a rough guide; as a group will be able to determine by vote where we go and how long we stay, as new information and climbing areas are discovered. It’s part of the adventure!