Climb Globally has been set to organise adventure rock climbing expeditions to various parts of the world to facilitate rock climbing wherever it is possible. We just finished Stage I, and now going for the Stage II, of our first expedition:

2016 Eastern Europe

Rock Climbing Expedition




going for two months from Poland to Greece through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.)  climbing on the way.

Earlier proposed route to Georgia and Russia did not find, to our disappointment, a sufficient support in the climbing community, forcing the change of the route.

We climbed and did what the tourists do; visited places of interest and enjoyed local attractions. We visited such famous places as Kodar, Dubrovnik, Meteora.  Our special, the only one, rock climbing adventure trip took us through parts of Europe, where rock climbers rarely go. Our truck EMMA worked very well and was our home through all that time.

We have prepared a camper-like truck taking up to 20 people on board, to drive to the rocks and the mountains. We organise most of the stuff like transportation, accommodation, food. Your job is to get a visa, if required to any country on the route (we will always help with that!), buy a flight and get your climbing gear.


We invite you for the whole rock climbing adventure or you may pick your part of it. Run through the  details and let us know which part attracts you the most.

“Last time I got a message like this I ended up sending a load of money I didn’t have to a bloke I never met and hauling my ass to the other side of the world to hook up with a load of people I didn’t know and had the best goddamn time of my life.” Crispin Worledge (response to the info about the earlier advertised CG Trans Russia & Siberia Expedition)